Astro Trek

Your space walk has been completed and it is time to rejoin your crew. You must find your way through the maze below to get back to the command module. The correct path has been marked by five Space Stuff terms. Some words have been written horizontally and others vertically. Any new word may cross the word before it at the beginning, the end, or even in the middle. Each new word shares only one common letter with the word before it. Enter at the start box and try to discover the path which leads you to the exit. If you run into a dead-end, retrace your steps.

You can either print out the puzzle and circle the words or do the puzzle on your computer screen. To do the puzzle on the computer, click your mouse on the first letter of the word you have found in the puzzle. The page will then reload with a red circle around the letter you have selected. Then click the mouse on the last letter of the word. If you have selected a correct word in the puzzle, it will light up!

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