Asteroids, Meteoroids, and Comets

This activity can be used in conjunction with the StarChild Solar System Level 2 information.


  1. Identify and describe common objects in the Solar System
  2. Classify objects according to attributes
  3. Utilize directed reading skills
  4. Distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information


This activity may be used to test student understanding and learning after the appropriate StarChild sections have been completed; or to direct student learning while the program is being used. You may distribute the activity sheet to students and allow them to complete it as they work through the teacher designated sections of StarChild or give them the worksheet and have them reason through where they should go to find the information.

Note: For ease in grading/correcting, instruct students to use a particular color of crayon, marker, etc. for each path. Tell students not to color in the entire box, as some descriptions may match two of the objects

Answer Key

METEOROID: A1, A2, A3, B4, A5, A6, B7, C8

ASTEROID: B1, A2, B3, A4, A5, B6, A7, A8

COMET: C1, B2, C3, C4, B5, C6, C7, B8

Activity Worksheet