Just How Big Is This Place?

Understanding the Sizes of Things in our Universe

Part I. Arrange the following items in terms of smallest to largest size/distance and enter that item in the list below. Guess the approximate size/distance of each item and write your guess next to that item.

Sun/Pluto distance; diameter of an M&M; distance from Earth to farthest known object in the Universe; length of California; diameter of Sun; distance from Earth to nearest non-solar star ; depth of the Grand Canyon; radius of Milky Way disk; width of a door; diameter of Saturn

Item     Approx. Size (km)

Part II. With the answers that the teacher gives you, determine how close or how far off each of your guesses was. Did you do better at guessing the smaller sized objects or the larger ones? Do any of the answers surprise you? Why or why not? Write a paragraph below about your current understanding of the sizes of things in our Universe. You can use the back of the paper, if necessary.