StarChild Scavenger Hunt - Level 1

Get to know the StarChild Web site by finding the answers to the following questions there!

1. Under which Space Stuff topic can you find information about Skylab?

2. How many glossary entries begin with the letter "G"?

3. What is the glossary definition of mythology?

4. In what section of StarChild can you find information about comets?

5. Which Universe topic has a picture of the central bulge?

6. What is the name of the first activity on the Solar System activity page?

7. What was the name of the first animal to orbit Earth?

8. How fast is the Moon moving away from the Earth?

9. Where can the "Mathy Way" activity be found?

10. What job did Edwin Hubble have as a boy?

11. How long did it take the space probe Galileo to reach Jupiter?

12. When did Skylab re-enter Earth's atmosphere?

13. How often are new astronauts chosen?

14. What space object is called a falling star?

15. How much of the solar system's mass is contained by the Sun?

16. What is the name given to storms on the Sun's surface?

17. How long would it take to count the stars in the Milky Way?

18. TRUE or FALSE: The Galaxy "Did You Know?" page tells us that star collisions occur every 25 years.

19. Which of the outer planets has 11 known rings?

20. How many languages does Mae Jemison speak fluently?


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