StarChild Scavenger Hunt - Level 2

Get to know the StarChild Web site by finding the answers to the following questions there!

1. How many different main topics can you find in the Solar System section?

2. What is the glossary definition of elliptical?

3. What is the name of the second Solar System activity?

4. What are the topics in the Space Stuff section?

5. What was the year of the meteor shower pictured on the Meteoroid "Did You Know?" page?

6. What is the caption under the picture found on the "Probes to the Outer Planets" page?

7. Which of the Space Stuff topics offer movies?

8. Charon is a satellite orbiting what distant dwarf planet?

9. In what section can the Journey into a Black Hole movie be found?

10.According to the East Indian myth, what was the name of the dog honored by the constellation containing the star Sirius?

11.What instrument did Antonio Vivaldi play?

12.What does an MMU weigh on Earth?

13.Why is the Moon lopsided?

14.Who is second-in-command on a Shuttle mission?

15.What was the name of the first space probe to visit Mercury?

16.How much are astronauts paid?

17.What two states are involved in the transmission of information to and from Hubble Space Telescope?

18.Stephen Hawking originally intended to study what field?

19.The first words uttered by Neil Armstrong as Eagle touched down on the Moon's surface can be heard in a movie about the Apollo 11 landing. What were those words?

20.What is the diameter of the Milky Way galaxy in light years? Kilometers?

21. The Doppler Shift is used to tell the distance between objects in our vast Universe. Fill the blanks with the next 4 words from the Doppler Shift song. "When a star is approaching and it's heading our way, _____ _____ _____ _____."

22. What was the date that the first woman to pilot a Space Shuttle was launched?

23. Why was Galileo sentenced to life imprisonment?

24. What activity matches historical world events to notable days in space?

25. StarChild has been translated into what other languages?

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