Solar System Shuffle Solution

The Correct Card The Clue
Solar System Card 6
A. This ice planet has a moon which is almost as big as it.
    Solar System Object: Pluto
    Matching Card Number: 6
Solar System Card 10
B. The dirt here is full of iron which makes this space body look red.
    Solar System Object: Mars
    Matching Card Number: 10
Solar System Card 9
C. Cold methane gas makes this planet look like a big blue-green ball in the sky.
    Solar System Object: Uranus
    Matching Card Number: 9
Solar System Card 5
D. This planet moves so fast, it was named after the swift messenger of the ancient Greek gods.
    Solar System Object: Mercury
    Matching Card Number: 5
Solar System Card 2
E. This beautiful planet is surrounded by over 1000 rings.
    Solar System Object: Saturn
    Matching Card Number: 2
Solar System Card 4
F. The yellow dwarf star found in our solar system.
    Solar System Object: Sun
    Matching Card Number: 4
Solar System Card 7
G. This dirty snowball can be seen from Earth every 76 Earth years.
    Solar System Object: Comet Halley
    Matching Card Number: 7
Solar System Card 1
H. The Great Red Spot would make this a terrible place for a vacation.
    Solar System Object: Jupiter
    Matching Card Number: 1
Solar System Card 3
I. The only space body in our solar system, other than Earth, where humans have visited.
    Solar System Object: The Moon
    Matching Card Number: 3
Solar System Card 8
J. The greenhouse effect is so strong here that this is the hottest planet.
    Solar System Object: Venus
    Matching Card Number: 8

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