The StarChild Team


StarChild has been developed primarily by a duo of middle school teachers who generously volunteered their time and talents to making the StarChild site what it is. Here is a little more about them:

The authors of StarChild (Joyce Dejoie (left) and 
Elizabeth Libby Truelove, right)

Joyce Dejoie (left) - Teaches 6th grade science and gifted math classes at Lakeside Middle School in Evans, GA. She holds a BA in psychology from UCLA and Master and Specialist in Education degrees from Augusta College (now Augusta State University). Proir to relocating in Georgia, Mrs. Dejoie taught 5th grade at Union School and English as a Foreign Language at the Haitian American Institute in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In addition to volunteering her time to co-author StarChild, she is an avid reader, student of foreign languages, theater-goer, and traveler. She also spends tremendous amounts of time seeking Snickers bars and misplaced reading glasses!

Elizabeth "Libby" Truelove (right) - Teaches 8th grade science at Dickerson Middle School in Marietta, GA. She is also a veterinarian. She graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985. She received her teaching credentials from Paine College in 1998. She was chosen as Lakeside Middle School and Columbia County Teacher of the Year for 1999-2000. Dr. Truelove likes to travel, read, attend concerts and plays, and garden. She also enjoys long walks on the beach and taking photographs. She has a daughter, Randi, of whom she is proud, and a husband, Jim, who is a font of creative ideas. He is especially proud of his "Mathy Way" contribution to StarChild.


The StarChild site is a service of the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC), within the Astrophysics Science Division (ASD) at NASA/ GSFC.

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