Problems in Space


Imagine that you are part of a space exploration mission flying from a space station orbiting the Moon to a base on the Moon itself. An instrument malfunction causes you to crash on the Moon on the daylight side about 120 kilometers from the base. Your spacecraft is in need of repair and your survival depends upon reaching the Moon base as soon as possible. Of the fifteen items which were not damaged in the crash of your spacecraft, which would be most important for the 120 kilometer trip? Rank the items from most important (#1) to least important (#15), then compare your rankings with those assigned by experts.

Items: signal flares, self-inflating raft which uses carbon dioxide canisters for inflation, two .45 caliber pistols, parachute silk, food concentrate, box of matches, solar-powered heating unit, stellar map of the Moon's constellations, eighteen meters of nylon rope, magnetic compass, fifteen liters of water, first aid kit containing needles for vitamins, medicine, etc. which will fit a special aperture in spacesuits, solar powered FM walkie-talkie, two tanks of oxygen, one case of powdered milk.

Name Your Ranks


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