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Sergei Korolev
Sergei Korolev
Sergei Korolev's work was considered top secret by his country's government. The government only admitted how important Korolev's work was after he died.

Sergei Pavlovich Korolev was born in the Ukraine (which was part of Russia) in 1906. He studied aeronautical engineering. After he finished his education, he worked on liquid fuel rockets. At that time in history, the government of the USSR put a lot of people in jail, some without a reason. Korolev was one of the people thrown in jail. He spent many years in jail. While in jail, he worked on his rocket projects. Upon his release from jail, he began to work on rockets that would carry objects into space. Korolev was responsible for the rocket programs that carried the first satellite and the first human into space. Korolev died in 1966. He was given a hero's burial.

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How did Sergei Korolev know how to build rockets?

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