Who's Who in Space

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Throughout the ages, that which is beyond our planet has fascinated people. Some have been so drawn to the study of space that they have devoted their lives to advancing their and our knowledge of the subject. On this page, you will find a list of some of the dedicated people who have made major contributions to our knowledge and interest in space science. You may read a biography on each of these trailblazers by selecting their name.

Star bullet John Couch Adams

Star bullet Neil Armstrong

Star bullet Tycho Brahe

Star bullet Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Star bullet S. Chandrasekhar

Star bullet Franklin Chang-Díaz

Star bullet Eileen Collins

Star bullet Nicolaus Copernicus

Star bullet Albert Einstein

Star bullet Galileo Galilei

Star bullet Yuri Gagarin

Star bullet John Glenn

Star bullet Stephen Hawking

Star bullet Caroline Herschel

Star bullet Mae Jemison

Star bullet Sergei Korolev

Star bullet Urbain Le Verrier

Star bullet Isaac Newton

Star bullet Sally Ride

Star bullet Carl Sagan

Star bullet Alan Shepard

Star bullet Valentina Tereshkova

Star bullet Clyde Tombaugh


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